About Us

dDW Studios is a small game development company based out of Port St. Lucie, FL. The company was founded by Dan and Derek, with Will and Selena coming in to round out the core of our development team. Get it? dDWS. Anyway, the common theme between us is our love of gaming. Whether it be pc games, console games, board games, card games, whatever, we love games. Which brings us to what we hope to accomplish with dDW Studios:

Our goal is to make games that will not only be fun to play, but will also have staying power. Many games that are out today seem to be lacking in that department, and we find ourselves getting bored with them rather quickly. So we plan to pack our games with achievements, ranks, items, skills, abilties, etc., whatever it takes to keep the games interesting. We will also look to the players, through our forums, to find out what they think needs to be fixed, added, or changed. While we obviously won’t be able to make every change someone suggests, we definitely feel that active communication will improve the quality of any game. Combining these things with our teams creativity and determination should produce some pretty kick ass games.

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